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Computing Resources

We use a network of workstations linked to a server, which enables the storage, virus protection, and back up to a fireproof safe of all information. As well as AutoCAD software, many projects benefit from the presentation software and skills of staff that use it. 3D modelling of larger projects allows photo-realistic montages or animated sequences to be created. We produce interactive, multi-media, CD-based and PowerPoint presentations. We make full-colour graphic brochures and presentation displays for clients to sell schemes. We have discovered ways to combine traditional drawing skills with computer enhancement to great effect.

Project programming, spreadsheet, internet and NBS Specification software are used to harness the great quantities of information, which are part of the modern building process.


The practice occupies its own offices at 144 Upper Lisburn Rd, Belfast, BT10 0BG. Many have discovered that it is a very convenient location, with the advantage of car parking and rapid road links to Greater Belfast and all of Northern Ireland