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have completed residential, commercial, retail, and office projects


Building Design

Our core skill is a powerful combination of technical ability and creative thought. At Coogan & Co the senior team handles eachcommission through analysis of the brief, sketch design and detailed design. Our design philosophy is that the architects talent shouldserve the client’s objectives, not their own agenda or doctrines. We exert skills to make the most of every project, visually and functionally.

Production Information

We maintain a team under the direction of David Purdy, which produces integrated packages of working drawings and specifications.We project manage the crucial process of co-ordination throughout this stage of both people and information – and drive it along to aprogramme. We meet the design team weekly to ensure progress. We consider the economics and buildability of the construction package with expertise. A CAD system and use of the National Building Specification system support the quality of our production information.

Refurbishment & Conservation

Refurbishment and Conservation – Including historic and listed buildings and improvement of housing stock.Building renovation has long been a specialism of Coogan & Co. We have brought new life to listed and historic buildings, improved problem buildings and boosted the value of investment buildings. From housing stock and community buildings to sensitive listed structures,we begin with a study of what is there and work hard to maximise use and value for the client. We apply our accumulated knowledge of many building types and forms of construction to this most practical art of the architect.

Interior Design

We have provided interior design services in residential, office fit-out, retail and other commercial projects. Stephen Blaney,Design Director, is personally experienced and talented in this intensive design role.